Robyns Lake House

Faux Fur throw Eskimo

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Eskimo Faux Fur Throw the perfect answer for cabin ready, cold weather snuggling. Look like an Eskimo, but you don't have go all the way to the Arctic to find out that the Eskimos who live all year surrounded by snow and ice have dozens of words to describe the frozen stuff. As for snow falling in Inuit, the word is "qanik".

It is winter and you are in the cabin at Robyn's Lake House, outside there is 3 feet of snow and the wind howls. Someone asks how cold it is. You say, "I don't know but it gets darn cold when the North Wind blows."  At the lake house we like to tell stories. This phrase would make a good prompt. There are wolves and bears, and dogs that lie in front of the fireplace, I hear a scratch on the window pane, take it from there.

Product information:

50″ x 60″
Bedford Cottage
100% Acrylic, Dry Clean Only