Robyns Lake House
Thoughts a week before Christmas

Thoughts a week before Christmas

Posted by Santa's Helper on Dec 16th 2018

At Robyn’s Lake House, it is a little more than a week before Christmas. 

The turtles have all but disappeared from sight, the fish are quietly looking for food, the ducks still float upon the lake, the deer graze in the evening on the grass that is left, the owls hoot at night. The bears have retired to their dens, the work of the year is done. Mostly, it is calm at the end of the year.

But not for those who have come to share in God’s bounty and Nature’s beauty at the lake. 

The tree is up and decorated with lights. Ornaments we have collected over the years, dangle from green branches that smell of the forest. Still, there is shopping to be done. There is food to be bought, and dishes to be made, recipes handed down from grandmother to mother, and on to our children. Joanne will make the pies, Diane the casserole, Robyn, of course will prepare the turkey, and friends will drop by with dishes that surprise and delight. 

Here at Robyn’s Lake House our thoughts turn towards spending time with family and friends. We hope that your year has been a blessed one. That is not to say that there have not been difficult or sad moments. We too have had our share, but that is part of living a full life. Dear friends we will miss, but always dear to our memories. Nevertheless, in a season that sparkles and shines, we hope that all your wishes and dreams come true, may you spread joy and feel happiness all the year round. 

From the critters at the lake, Merry Christmas to you and your family!