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The perfect chair

The perfect chair

Posted by Misty Waters on Sep 4th 2018

Palm and umbrella, Red Horse Signs

To Plato's statement by way of Socrates that Art can never truly represent Reality, I say: 


Our world, as we experience it, is many things. Uncertain in what he sees, Socrates calls these "a collection of mere appearances like reflections in a mirror and shadows on a wall," but our experience, and our reality, is more than that, it is not mere sight, but the sense of the thing, the sum of all our experiences, the laughter, the tears, the trips and vacations spots with family and friends, the diaries, and postcards, and pictures, and yes, art.

Life is the sum total of our memories. 

Consider, there are countless chairs in the world. There is the cradle that keeps the infant safe, the rocking chair for the child at play, and the royal throne for the king, who uneasy wears his crown. 

But the perfect chair is the one we were sitting in when a special moment took place.

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