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 a couple on bikes stop along the river to sit on a bench and enjoy the day under a tree

A Little Birdie told me, "Get away!"

I think everyone dreams, Walter-Mitty-like, of a getaway where one can escape the cares of the day and find a little peace of mind. When I was a kid, my friends and I built a tree house in the nearby woods from scrap lumber. With the same scrap lumber and some empty milk jugs, we built a rickety raft and floated down the creek like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Now that I am older, the getaway is a lake house or a beach house, somewhere along the coast or in the mountains, or out on the hills and prairies, far away from work.

How sweet!

Ah, how to choose, what to do, where to go? While the ocean is nice, the sand in the swimsuit is always a problem, then the sun is too hot, the wind too strong. No, for me, it is the refreshingly cool lake hidden somewhere in the hills or mountains or out on the prairie. There nestled among the trees and flowers, it is quiet. And if my cabin is by the lake all the better.

Welcome to Robyn's Lake House where you don't have to leave home to get away.

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