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About Chandler 4 Corners



The history of the hooked rug and pillow

The history of hooked wool rugs and throw pillows is as old as the American manufacturing industry and then some.

The fore-bearers of the craft and the art go back to Yorkshire, England, in the early 19th century when workers in weaving mills collected the useless thrums, short pieces of yarn, that were too short for blankets. The weavers took them home and pulled the colorful thrums through an empty wool sack. The practice crossed the Atlantic and took root in New England where mills were found in abundance. Eventually, patterns were created, and an American Arts and Crafts industry was born. The craft was done mainly by women at home who used the products, first at home, and then put them up for sale, becoming an important source of income to the working poor.


Chandler 4 Corners

Chandler 4 Corners’ history is not as ancient, but it is true to the craft. Henry & David Chandler are based in Manchester, Vermont. They take pleasure in producing products that cheer people up, render a smile, and a warm fuzzy feeling on a cold winter’s night. They also take pride in being the first to revive the craft and the art, so that others may enjoy a part of American heritage.


Laura Megroz

The lead designer at Chandler 4 Corners is Laura Megroz, a Vermont based artist is inspired by the outdoors and is always attuned to what makes people smile: summers on the lake, skiing, camping, lazy days on the beach, and Christmas. Her designs are nostalgic recalling the joys of her childhood. Often there is a dog involved, too, usually a lab.


The pillows at Chandler 4 Corners are not the cheapest, but they are the best, made with 100% natural wool. Plus a zippered velveteen backing with poly-fill pillow insert.